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  1. Peter Klare

    07 Mar – 21 Mar 2019


    It is pretty big and it moves.
    It is hairy and covered all over with fine fur.
    It is hanging on my studio wall like a wing of an enormous moth.
    And it is one of my latest paintings.
    As I touch it with my paint-dipped brush, it shakes and seems to paint back.

    Large in scale and monochromatic in color my work has a strong affiliation to hard edge paintings. Due to their distinct, non-geometrical shapes and size they relate to the human body and appear to be fragments of an undisclosed scenery.

    Over night these fragments `grew hair ́. The skin-like surface of the slickly painted canvases was now covered with fine fur and basted in oil paint. I had stretched and sown industrial polyester-fur over my canvases to use as a painting ground. Hard-edge coolness had turned into something quite wild, almost primeval and yet artificial. Bristly and repellant or lush and flattering as fur can be, these new paintings physically reach out to the viewer. And as the light gets vibrantly caught in the sticky, colored hair, the monochrome gains a new dimension and gestural brushstrokes get viscidly slow in the fur.

    This body of work reflects on the bipolar human condition caught between our Stone Age descent and denaturalized abstract perfectionism. It tries to connect and merge the estranged ends.

    I cherish painting as a media to visualize and mould thought. Painting needs no apparatus and no matter. It is all in one: color, shape and surface. Painting is an extremely thin membrane between our imagination and the touchable reality. It always requires physical presence, yet, neither colorfield nor illusionistic places can ever be physically entered. The essence of painting is not tangible. This peculiarity on the borderline of dimensions makes it a unique mediator between thought, the physical world and emotions.
    My drive is to comprehend and to visualize the human condition through my painting.

  2. Hans Ashley Scheirl


  3. B-LA Connect

    B-LA Connect ist eine Plattform, die den Austausch zwischen den creative communities der beiden Partnerstädte fördert und ihre Vernetzung vorantreibt. Für die Jahre 2019 und 2020 ist ein großer Kulturaustausch zwischen Kunsträumen/Art Spaces in Berlin und Los Angeles geplant. Im Juni 2019 werden 20 Art Spaces aus Los Angeles mit ihren Künstler*innen nach Berlin reisen und gemeinsam mit den Berliner Künstler*innen in deren 20 Kunsträumen sowie im Kühlhaus Berlin als zentralem Veranstaltungsort ausstellen. Die Kombination von dezentralen Veranstaltungen in den Kunsträumen und dem Kühlhaus als zentralem Veranstaltungsort ermöglicht Synergie-Effekte zwischen den vielfältigen kulturellen Szenen. Auf Grund der zunehmenden Gentrifizierung der Stadt Berlin ist der Projektraum, L’oiseau presénte seit kurzem ohne Raum. Die Botschaft bietet dem heimatlosen Raum im Rahmen des Berlin Los Angeles Connect Projektes “Asyl”.